The safest way to inhale cannabis by using water - based cannabis mist

Roxx has developed the first aqueous-based cannabis vaporizer. Cannabis concentrates are highly viscous and are typically diluted with oils, PG/VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin) and other potentially toxic additives that allow the concentrates to be vaped. Roxx’s proprietary technology enables vaping of cannabis concentrates free of oils, PG/VG and other toxic additives.


 the Cannabis Vaping Industry

Roxx aqueous-based vaporizers eliminate the risks associated with vaping concentrates mixed with oils, PG/VG and other potentially toxic additives. For example, the American Lung Association recently cautioned that PG/VG exposes users to high levels of toxins that may cause lung disease. Roxx’s proprietary technology enables vaping of cannabis concentrates free of oils, PG/VG and other toxic additives. Roxx is the first vaporizer to enable a safe and discrete experience, free of odors and exhalable smoke, and with no risk of secondhand smoke.

Unrivaled Performance

Roxx’s vaporizers produce a soft, sub-micron aerosol that optimizes the delivery of cannabis to the deepest region of the lungs (alveoli). This enables the rapid absorption of cannabis into the bloodstream and significantly enhances absorption and the dose-effect experienced by the user.

Metered dosing

Roxx’s vaporizers enable medical-grade metered dosing, empowering users to effectively manage their cannabis consumption. Roxx’s vaporizers deliver a specific dose of cannabis with every puff and ensure puff to puff consistency.

Questions & Answers

How is the Roxx vaping process different from the other vaping devices on the market?

Our device is the first to use a cannabis water-based formulation. We don’t use any components that might risk your health such as oils, PG/VG or vitamin E acetate.
Our device and formulation are manufactured according to medicinal guidelines to ensure we provide the safest way to inhale cannabis, both for medicinal and recreational purposes. 

How can you be sure that your device is safe?

None of the FDA / CDC investigated compounds are in our device or formulation. We work below the boiling temperature of the active compounds . We employ medicinal standards in our manufacturing process, both for the device and for its formulation. We have extremely meticulous QA protocols for our vendors and sub-contractors.

Is your technology validated by 3rd parties?

Yes. Our technology has been validated in a thorough due diligence process by first-tier companies from the industry.

Are there other products on the market that are similar?

We are not aware of any device that uses a cannabis water- based formulation. Many edible or sub-lingual products have incorporated a water-based formulation for years. However, the user experience is completely different, both in terms of absorption profile, sensation and the cannabis effect.

Is the product currently available for sale?

Coming soon! keep in touch for updates

Do you have patents on the technology?

Yes. The technology we are using is covered by multiple patents, as well as unique know-how.

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